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Mark Pedotti, along with his half brothers Anton and Nove Ciapusci, immigrated to the United States in the 1870's. Settling in Mendocino County California, they established a vineyard, bonded winery, tanbark, and railroad ties operation, raised cattle and operated a hotel, bar and restaurant. In the mid 1920's, Mark Pedotti sold his interest in the winery and hotel to his brothers.

Alex Pedotti, who was born in 1903 was the patriarch of the Pedotti family and the oldest son of Mark and Mathilda Pedotti. As a young man, Alex worked to establish and maintain the family vineyard. Alex, who passed away February 2002, was often seen sitting at his table at Pedotti's in Sutherlin. We are proud to share with our patrons some of our family history by serving the fruit of the vine, Edmeads Zinfandel, from 100 year old vines from the Ciapusci Vineyards.

An Italian restaurant was established at the Sutherlin site in 1991 by Bob and Dory Schirmer. In February of 1997, Alex's son Dave, while looking for donations for his car club, stopped in to see Dory. Upon receiving the donation, Dave asked her if she would be interested in selling the restaurant ... the rest is history!

Pedotti's Pledge

We, at Pedotti's take pride in creating each order to be pleasing to the palate, and just as importantly to the eye. Please take note; we prepare our food to order. So relax, enjoy the atmosphere and the people you are with.

Thanks for dining at Pedotti's.